Fazeer Mohammed: Who would you like to attend this Program?

Dawn Richards: This program is for Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads and Career Driven Individuals who feel that they want to build up their skills and become game changers. One of the things we have discovered is that Managers are suffering from burn out. This comes from juggling the basics of life; personal life and work life. Also, people are now exposed to some extraordinarily high expectations in their jobs. We`ve also found that amongst Managers, there are those who are not sufficiently trained in people management skills. They are good at tasks and getting tasks done, but in terms of managing people, they don`t have those skills.


Fazeer Mohammed:  You hit the nail on the head and it applies to me.  I have a Managerial role in my family business. ….but I have no management skills. Therefore, I am invariably the cause of a lot of friction that would develop in the work environment. How do you deal with a situation like that?

Dawn Richards: The first thing that needs to happen is Managers need to understand that there are three big imperatives that must be met in today`s evolving workforce and economy. The first is you have to be able to manage yourself; from self-control to your choice of words etc. The second big imperative is the ability to manage your team. We really need to create a well-oiled team where people are clear on the expectations, they have the skills, they have the resources and we see ourselves as performance coaches. The third imperative is the ability to blend Service Delivery with efficient operations. When you combine those three as a manager, you really become a game changer.


Fazeer Mohammed: But in many cases you still get  the sense that there is this old world idea to management that “I am the boss and you have to do what I say, no questions asked”. Are we seeing a movement towards a more enlightened perspective? 

Dawn Richards: We have been seeing that and if you look at any given time there is a plethora of training programs that help individuals develop their people skills. We think there needs to be a different kind of approach to helping people develop their people skills. You don`t just put people in a classroom setting and tell them “This is how you build a team”. You have to start at the starting point and the starting point is; you have to manage yourself. You have to have all those skills of self-control. You need to be able to work from your circle of influence. There are many of us who walk outside, the rain is falling and we start to complain. we need to realise that working from your circle of influence means that you make peace with some of the things over which you have no control. If you find yourself in a very lengthy commute with lots of cars, stop complaining, you can`t change it. People need to start understanding that when you start acting from their centre of influence, you become a high impact Manager.


Fazeer Mohammed: I think that`s a prayer as well. To know the things you can change, recognize the things you can`t and have the wisdom to know the difference.

Dawn Richards: It is, and we have to convert it from just being a prayer and infuse it into the way we conduct our lives on a daily basis. If you have a manager who is very well evolved and achieving a high level of personal and professional development, you get a better team Manager. So just to recap, the first imperative is the ability to manage self. The second imperative is the ability to manage teams and the third one is the ability to blend service delivery with efficient operations.


Fazeer Mohammed: So if a dinosaur like me lumbers in to your office for this program, what am I going to be exposed to?

Dawn Richards: The first thing is we`re going to welcome you because we`ll be happy to have you. The second thing is that we`re going to share some Smart Tools with you that will help you to address those three dimensions. Some of those tools include “How do you manage a multi-generational workforce?” That`s a big issue facing managers of today. You have the baby boomers, you have the Gen Xers, you have the millennials and the manager that`s going to be effective will be that manager that can harmonize those three groups because each group brings a level of value to the table. The successful managers understand how to extract that value and to have each group respecting the other.

We`re also going to share some tools to help you develop as an individual. We spend an entire day talking about wellness, we talk about stress management, we talk about personal action planning. Why do we spend so much time on self? Because when a direct report or somebody who has been entrusted to your care as part of your team comes to you with an issue, you are in a position to help because you have walked that road and you have developed some of the tools to help you overcome. If you don`t take care of yourself you are of no use to the people who you manage.



This interview was a discussion about one of DRA Consulting`s Signature Workshops : The Successful Professional . This Workshop is hosted several times during the year and companies can also book their own Workshop catering solely for their employees. Contact us to see how we can facilitate a transformative workshop for you.

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