Customer Care Conversations

Customer Care Conversations

What is your role as a Help Desk Officer?

A Help Desk Officer is somebody who works at a store or company and is there to deliver good service to the customer.

The Help Desk Officer creates the first impression by smiling and greeting the customer. This makes them feel welcome and customers really love that!

When customers come in you don’t know the kind of stress they are going through or what just happened to them five minutes ago. When they see somebody that they don’t even know being nice to them, it really uplifts them. Sometimes customers come for one item but then they get a great greeting and because of how welcome they feel they end up with a trolley of items!

What have you learnt about customer service since taking on this role?

I’ve learnt that customers don`t come trained. People are different and have different personalities. You might ask yourself “Why is this person like this?” Just know that everyone is different and give everyone the same treatment no matter how different he or she is. Everybody understands that language of being nice, so just be helpful to them. This is where patience comes in. Patience is the number one thing! In addition, you have to be genuine.

How would you say you have grown since taking on the role of Help Desk Officer?

My mouth!!!  I really had a problem dealing with people sometimes. This job really teaches you that certain things you just have to let roll off your shoulders and not let them get to you.

It has also positively affected my life outside of work. Previously, when I entered a maxi I never used to say “Good morning”; now I always say Good Morning. I am a lot nicer to people; even if I have no reason to be.

What pointers that you would give to someone who is in a customer facing position?

Firstly, I think you should be open-minded; just know that you are going to meet people that you didn’t even know exist in terms of personality. You might be taken aback and you may ask yourself “What kind of person is this?” Nevertheless, don’t be alarmed.  Just accept it and be nice.

Also, go beyond the basic in answering questions that customers may have. When a customer asks me a question, I try to go beyond a simple straight to the point answer. Customers like when you`re willing to answer their questions and even give them more information. Don`t just do exactly what you learnt by book, put some of your personality into the interaction.