THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL coaching sessions are designed to help you navigate the challenges of work life while striving for professional success.

Once you enter the World of Work , you quickly realise that getting that dream job or rising up the ranks, is not as easy as you may have expected. Getting the position you want isn`t always a straight line from A to B. Sometimes simply getting through the work week can be a challenge.

Achieving success in the world of work is about more than just technical “know-how”; it requires a unique compliment of business skills

What are some of these skills ?

  • Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Control
  • Professional Image
  • Business Protocol
  • Skills of Diplomacy
  • Leadership and Skills of Influence


From image and grooming, workplace dynamics and career advice, to personal power, individual effectiveness and work/life balance, these sessions will help you become the ultimate business professional and create the life you want for yourself.

Our highly qualified and experienced facilitators will share tools, advice, insight and resources to help you overcome personal and professional blockages and take you to the next step of your career.



  • Cost: $400 TTD  per session
  • Duration: 1 Hour

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  • Minimum: 2 persons    Maximum: 12 persons
  • Cost :  $300.00 TTD per person
  • Duration: 1 Hour

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