The State Of Customer Service In Trinidad and Tobago – How are we doing?

As citizens, how often do we lament the fact that we are victims of poor quality customer service at the hands of uncaring, unconcerned and untrained service providers and attendants? Chances are, fairly often.


How often have we gone to make a purchase at a business establishment, only to be greeted by a sullen-faced “customer service representative” who gives us a manicou stare (our local version of the deer-in-the-headlights look), instead of saying “Good Morning” and who exerts more energy when talking with a colleague in front of us, than when responding to our questions about where to find a product?


Sadly, this is frontline etiquette and standard customer service at many a business place in Trinidad and Tobago, the kind that causes many people to comment loudly about looking forward to the day that high quality customer care becomes an everyday occurrence and a way of life in T&T.


The BIG Question – Can High Quality, World Class Customer Care Become A Way Of Life In Trinidad and Tobago?


"This customer is really bothering me"
“This customer is really bothering me”

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Whilst many believe that shifting from an attitude of laissez-faire to one that is eager to serve and located within a landscape of customer care is far-fetched and unattainable, the good news is that there are service providers and businesses in the public service and private sectors that have made the decision to make radical changes to the way they deliver service. These organizations have been systematically implementing a shift to a more customer centric focus and ………..their customers have been noticing the change.


Businesses, from the small doubles vendor, to the medium sized fast food operator, to large banking institutions are discovering that they simply must deliver quality customer care if they want to remain in business.


The move towards delivering improved customer service has been largely fuelled through the push effect initiated by customers. The nation’s customers, consumers and citizens have discovered their voice, that is…“the voice of the customer”, and have begun to demand that businesses deliver high quality customer care in face to face, telephone or written transactions. More and more customers are wasting no time in walking away from organizations that fail to satisfy and are doing so, without saying goodbye.


DRA CONSULTING Is Helping Organizations Step Up Their Service Delivery And Begin Moving Towards World Class Customer Care


"Good Morning, How May I Assist You?"
“Good Morning, How May I Assist You?”

In a nutshell, world class customer care is about exceeding the customer’s

expectations. At DRA Consulting, we work with small, medium and large organizations that want to delight their customers by delivering warm, welcoming, helpful and courteous experiences.


Through our unique customer care intervention, we guide companies through a process that enables employees to adopt a customer oriented mentality and standardized, customer friendly behaviours and for customers to have a consistently delightful experience at all points of contact.

As more and more service providers and businesses begin to transform into cultures of service, the axis of customer care will begin to tilt Trinidad and Tobago towards better, rather than worse patterns of customer service.