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As one of the leading Customer Care Consultants in the Caribbean, we enjoy working with organizations that are committed to bringing their standard of customer service up to world class.

We are proud to be associated with some of the leading organizations in the insurance, investment, retail, entertainment and food service sectors. Through our website, we provide both information on our organization, as well as updates on practical techniques that can be utilized by all companies to improve their customer service standards. So, we are happy that you chose to visit us and we look forward to serving you in the future.



DRA Consulting is a Management and Customer Care Consulting Organization that has been providing exceptional consulting solutions to its clients since 1996.

We believe every organization possesses the potential for excellence and therefore we partner with our clients to create business cultures that are global in outlook and best practice driven in their style of conducting business.

Our primary business product is our signature Customer Care Transformation Model that enables client organizations to achieve a culture shift to a customer centric orientation and to become “cultures of service” that deliver world class customer care.

Our primary range of services:

  • Customer Care Transformation Interventions
  • Team Building Interventions
  • Customized Training Programs


OUR BUSINESS VISION … TRANSFORMING PEOPLE AND TRANSFORMING ORGANIZATIONS: To create performing People and Organizations that succeed in their mission to achieve effective, innovative and sustainable results.

OUR BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY … RESULTS THAT LAST: We believe that our job is to assist individuals and organizations to achieve superior results that are lasting and sustainable. To this end, we do everything to ensure that a client organization’s return on its investment continues to yield benefits, long after the DRA Consulting engagement comes to a close.

OUR BUSINESS PERSONALITY … SOLUTION-ORIENTED: Our experience with clients of varying sizes and sectors enable us to find solutions to our clients’ needs, in even the most challenging business environments.




Our signature Customer Care Transformation Intervention has been created to meet the growing need by organizations to move up to world class standards of customer care.  This shift has been driven by the loud and growing demand by customers for superior levels of service delivery.

The DRA Consulting model provides a systematic and sustainable approach to helping clients find a permanent solution to their customer care challenges and to transforming themselves into Cultures of Service.

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