Caught in the Act Campaign-      What is it about?

Although excellent customer service many not currently be the norm in Trinidad and Tobago, we want to transform our country into a service centric landscape. We want to use use positive attention as the axis from which we create the kind of Customer Service environment we are all ready to have.

DRA Consulting has implemented Customer Care Interventions for the last 10 years and we have seen first-hand many customers who have been amazed by the customer care they have received by service providers. We want to make more noise about these occurrences. We feel that as a nation we are ready to take collective steps towards World Class Customer Service. In addition, as Trinidad and Tobago moves towards diversification of its economy and seeks to attract tourists and investors, we want to show that Trinidad and Tobago is a country where individuals can expect and receive excellent customer service.

The Activity

We are putting the spotlight on Customer Service Professionals and any professionals who deliver great Customer Service. Everyone in Trinidad and Tobago is allowed to participate in the event. If you receive impressive service from anyone at any company in Trinidad and Tobago, simply take a picture with them and yourself, (OR just a picture of the employee), caption it appropriately and post it to DRA Consulting`s facebook Page .At the end of the promotion, a randomly chosen picture will be selected.  The service provider in the picture and the customer who posted the picture will win a prize.

How to Participate

If you receive impressive service from an employee of any company in Trinidad and Tobago:

  1. Take a picture of yourself and the employee who gave you great service.
  2. Write a short description (50 words max) including the person`s name, where he or she works and what made you happy about the service you received. Use the hashtags #caughtintheact #customercaretrinidadandtobago
  3. Post the image and caption to DRA Consulting`s facebook page.


Participation Period

CAMPAIGN 1– Monday 16th May- Friday 17th June, 2016 – CLOSED.

CAMPAIGN 2– Monday 11th July – Friday 5th August, 2016- CLOSED 

CAMPAIGN 3– Monday 5th September – Friday 28th October, 2016.


Winner Selection Procedure

At the end of each week, we will post a list of all the persons who submitted images for that week. All of these names will be entered for the Grand Draw.


Grand Draws

CAMPAIGN 1– Grand Draw- Wednesday 22nd June, 2016- COMPLETED

CAMPAIGN 2– Grand Draw- Wednesday 10th August, 2016- COMPLETED

CAMPAIGN 3 – Grand Draw- Wednesday 2nd November, 2016


The Winners!!!!

There will be two winners: The person who delivered great service, and the person who highlighted them.


The Prizes.

The two winners will win cash prizes!

  • The person who delivered great service will receive $2,000.00 TTD.
  • The person who highlighted them will receive $1,000.00 TTD.