Business Philosophy

What Drives Us

Our Business Vision … Transforming People and Transforming Organizations

To create performing People and Organizations that succeed in their mission to achieve effective, innovative and sustainable results.


Our Business Philosophy … Results That Last

We believe that our job is to assist individuals and organizations to achieve superior results that are lasting and sustainable. To this end, we do everything to ensure that a client organization’s return on its investment continues to yield benefits, long after the DRA Consulting engagement comes to a close.


Our Business Personality … Solution-oriented

Our experience with clients of varying sizes and sectors enable us to find solutions to our clients’ needs, in even the most challenging business environments.


Our Track Record … Visible Impact

  • Visible Results Our clients see visible results in business environments that are often complex and challenging.

  • Visible ShiftOur clients experience visible shifts in employee behaviour and a high level of employee “buy-in” as our interventions are executed.

  • Visible Practices Our clients adopt World Class practices as they globalize their customer care style of operation.